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Welcome To Twin City Electric

Since its founding in 1968, Twin City Electric has thrived in a market that has seen many electrical contractors come and go. The reason behind our success is that we know what Lafayette, West Lafayette, and other northern Indiana communities demand — quick response, outstanding quality, reliability, and ongoing service.

Quick Response

When you need electrical service chances are you need it immediately. If you have a problem in an existing system, it can effectively shut down your business. There’s no time to lose.Twin City Electric personnel are available around the clock to handle any type of electrical emergency.

We also respond quickly to your need for consultation and estimates on new construction, retrofit, or modernizations of existing service. Trained to handle any commercial or industrial electrical application, our engineers can tackle any design from a simple wiring schematic to complete plans for a multi-million dollar automation project.

Outstanding Quality

Through the years our reputation for quality has been unmatched by any other contractor in the Greater Lafayette area. Our concern for detail helps assure our customers that work will be done correctly the first time. This assures dependability, safety, and security.

Ongoing Service

As the demand for enhanced services grows, Twin City Electric has been quick to respond. Electrical systems are more complex now than ever. Through our membership in the National Electrical Contractors Association, we have immediate access to the latest technologies and techniques. We actively participate in NECA-sponsored conferences, forums, and seminars throughout the year.


The work we do today will perform efficiently in the future. Most important, you’ll have the assurance that any work meets or exceeds your design specifications and all existing codes. This brings an invaluable sense of safety and security. Twin City Electric — providing innovative ideas, outstanding service and superior quality to Greater Lafayette’s growing electrical needs.


Another factor behind Twin City Electric’s longevity and success is reliability. We stand behind the accuracy of our estimates for any specific project. Our figures consider existing national, state, and local electrical codes so our systems are designed and built to pass the most rigid governmental inspections.

Our commitment to reliability is our people. The combined knowledge and experience of our in-house staff members bring resourceful imaginative solutions to virtually any electrical problem. Our prices are frequently lower because our skilled technicians often can troubleshoot a problem in a fraction of the time another contractor might take.


Twin City has had experience at providing complete design and construction services for our customers. In this type of involvement our team takes the responsibility for:

  • Engineering
  • Equipment Purchase and Delivery
  • Project Scheduling
  • Installation Assistance and Review
  • Factory Testing and Simulation prior to Start-Up
  • Start-Up/Checkout/Training
  • Electrical/Mechanical Installation

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